Religious Healing

Queer Eye and the Church

I don’t get to watch a lot of TV for myself. We recently got Netflix. I found Queer Eye. Now I’m in love.

Today, I am watching the God Bless Gay episode. Driving to the town, the Fabulous Five start discussing their feelings of the church – the hate they have endured, the pain, the hurt, the disconnect between those claiming to be Christians and God, how they have made peace – very eye opening. Hearing Bobby talk about the pain and hurt caused by his church – wow. He wouldn’t set foot inside the church. The son, Miles, sharing how community members shout at him as he walks by as a gay black man – heartbreaking.

I think back to how I saw similar situations play out when I was in the church. How I contributed. Love the sinner, hate the sin kind of crap. That’s not truly loving a person. That’s showing love to a part of a person and condemning the rest. I see my gay friends. My lesbian friends. My trans friends. My friends who live outside of the gender binary. And I see how they are hurt on the regular.

Through the episode – love and forgiveness are forefront.

This. This is what we need. This is why I do what I do.

Here’s my goal. My dream.

To provide space for those hurt by churches to be loved and to work toward healing. A space to learn tools to find yourself. To set healthy boundaries. And to choose what faith and religion looks like for you moving forward – equipped with tools to stay emotionally healthy and safe.

A space for those who have been in cults. In fundamentalism. In toxicity. Those ostracized for their orientation or lifestyle. Those who have been hated and pushed out.

Healing and forgiveness. Love. Those things are what change the world. Through healing, we can change the face of our communities. Our churches (for those who choose to return).

It’s time to move toward the world changing love. Starting with loving ourselves. Healing wounds. Forgiveness. Forward motion. Walls breaking down. Bridging disconnect. Changing the world with love.

Are you ready?

Join me in my free Belief Exploration Group. Let’s start there. It’s a safe place to start finding yourself. Reclaiming the parts of yourself that have been silenced, erased, or covered up. Come as you are. Where you are. No judgement. Only acceptance and love. We’ve all been through shit. We can work through it together.