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Guided Meditation: Healing the Child Within

What happens in childhood lasts into adulthood. But, we can connect with our inner child and work toward healing. Return to this and repeat this meditation as often as needed. Soon, you will be able to quickly connect with your child self and meet those needs and move forward. Practice makes perfect!

Religious Healing

I was erased. I’ve re-drawn myself.

My story.

Essential oils have changed my life. As in – the doTERRA oils I had just started using after trying all sorts of oils for many years brought me back to myself. I spent 10 years in a fundamentalist christian cult. I thought it was a good church. It wasn’t. It erased me. I became nearly robotic in my pursuit of being the perfect Christian wife. I read only the books they allowed. I interacted only with those in the church. As my husband and I moved around, we gravitated to similar churches everywhere we landed. I had lost the ability to think for myself, to connect with others, and to trust intuition.

One day, many years ago, an online friend had a fundraiser with oils. I had only met her online in a parenting rights advocacy group. I’d used oils before – all sorts of other brands including THE big brand. I hadn’t heard of doTERRA. I bought an intro kit. The oils worked better than any others I had used. A couple months later, I got a wholesale account to get the free frankincense promotion. There was no WAY I was going to sell. But… close friends SAW them working for me and asked me to help them. So, I did.

The oils were helping with physical issues left and right. But something else was going on. The oils were working on my emotional and mental state. I had just given birth to my third. My marriage was not good. Our church was falling apart. Life wasn’t the best. Money was super tight, but thankfully, the oils were getting close to paying for themselves.

Fast forward three years. I was sharing oils. My friend helped me get to my first convention where I caught the true vision of doTERRA. My personal life fell apart as we moved and were building our dream home. My husband and I separated as I was pregnant with my fourth child. There were lots of factors that I won’t elaborate on, but at the core – we were both waking up from the cult mindset. Everything about our relationship, worldviews, personal interactions – everything – was turned on its head.

My oil family, alongside my family and friends, helped to carry me through the turmoil of waking up, giving birth, moving across the country, and putting life back together.

I have a clear vision for the future. We have new trials that have come along and new adventures. My path will not look like any others – nobody travels the same path. We are presented with challenges as lessons and keep having these challenges present until we learn the lesson. My husband and I didn’t learn the lessons we needed to that first time around. Our separation lasted about 6 months and then we decided to try again. Four years later, we divorced. Over the months it took for the divorce to happen, we started learning lessons. A month after the divorce, right before the paperwork was finalized by the state, we chose to try again, much better equipped. We got un-divorced.

Thanks to these oils, I am in a place now where I am emotionally and mentally healthy. The cult no longer has a grip on me. I can move forward, seeing clearly.

My greatest success? Finding myself. My true self. That means more to me than any rank or income. Now that I have found myself, nothing can stop me.

I have redrawn myself. I am no longer erased. Oils are a passion of mine to be sure. BUT, they have enabled me to discover my true passion – helping others who have been erased to redraw themselves. Oils are one of the amazing tools in my arsenal.

If you have been erased, let’s talk. I’d love to hear your story. If you are oil-curious. Let’s talk. There might be something that’s a good fit for you. Not really sure about any of it? Let’s talk! I enjoy conversation! Here’s to living our best lives and re-drawing ourselves! Cheers!

Religious Healing

Easter Is Coming

Easter is coming. How are you doing?

Holidays after toxicity can be difficult. Many times, we struggle with emotions that pop up that others just simply don’t understand. We find ourselves putting a smile on our faces and going through the motions all while screaming inside.

You don’t have to do this alone. Come and join the community in the Belief Exploration Group. Dig in to aspects of church toxicity and fundamentalism and take steps to healing those wounds.

Join me. We are stronger, together.

Religious Healing

Am I a Satan Worshipper?

Am I a satan worshipper because I question churches? I actually had someone ask that. I have had many people tell me that what I went through didn’t happen. The fact that I have healed and am shedding light in dark places makes people uncomfortable. Makes them mad.

It’s hard for people to wrap their brains around how some place that is supposed to be safe can hurt people. Sure, the sex scandals make sense, but not much else. Our trauma is minimized.

I’m here to talk about choices and healing. We can’t heal the world until we heal ourselves.

Let’s have a conversation. How can I help you? The conversation is the first step toward reclaiming yourself and finding freedom.

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