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Guided Meditation: Healing the Child Within

What happens in childhood lasts into adulthood. But, we can connect with our inner child and work toward healing. Return to this and repeat this meditation as often as needed. Soon, you will be able to quickly connect with your child self and meet those needs and move forward. Practice makes perfect!

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Return That Negative Energy

I hate shopping for myself. I hate it. HATE. IT. I get overwhelmed very easily and get stuck in the cycle of perfection or freeze. I go round and round about what if the outfit I’m choosing isn’t right? Or doesn’t fit the same after it’s washed? Or doesn’t look as good as I think it does? What if I’m wasting money? Why are there no clothes made for someone as short as I am? What if I gain weight soon? Lose weight? Should I just wait until I’m stable?

Hate. It.

So, I sent shopping back. I started doing clothing subscription boxes. I can select styles I like and try a few selections in my home. I can wear that pair of jeans for an hour to see if they will end up baring my ass or not. I can try that blazer on with other pieces in my wardrobe to see if it actually goes with anything. And then I return what I don’t like.

Our emotions and energies can be overwhelming, just like shopping is for me. Up until age 12-ish, kids have a very hard time distinguishing whose emotions they are feeling. They are sensitive to energies – moreso than adults who have been taught to silence that part of themselves. But as adults, we can re-learn how to sort through the emotions that are sending us off kilter. Having tools to deal with what we uncover is crucial.

Here is a very short guided meditation exercise to help with just that. Once you do it with me a few times, you’ll be able to do it on your own any time you are feeling off. You can teach your children how to do the same. It’s amazing how much other people’s negative emotions can affect us – especially those of us who are empaths.

Take 10 minutes and return that negative energy.