Unmasking the Cult

Online Course

Sometimes churches are great. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they end up being an actual cult. And sometimes you find that what you thought was a good and healthy church was a cult all along and now you are left putting your life back together after getting out.

Come discover the ways cults manipulate and brainwash people into following their beliefs. Gain the tools needed to protect yourself from being taken in by these organizations. Learn the difference between a church that is struggling and a church that may no longer have Christ as the center.

Join this three week online course to empower yourself. Course consists of videos, worksheets, and group support as well as case studies of cults of various flavors.

Unmasking the Cult is a three week online course exploring manipulation techniques used by cults plus case studies. The Unmasking BONUS course is the same course with a BONUS of two coaching sessions (half hour) included.