The Root

Get to the root of the problem. The love of money is the root of all evil. Root down to rise up. Lay down roots. Uproot and move. Make sure you get the roots when you pull out the weeds. Take care transplanting – make sure a strong root system takes hold.

As a culture, we are well aware of the importance of roots. Roots are the source of life for plants. They bring in water and nutrients. They provide structure and support for the plant. They enable life.

Toxicity and trauma also have roots. Just like weeds, to remove toxicity from our lives, we need to find the root and dig it all out or else it will grow back.

At the point of juxtaposition of the root of ourselves and the root of our trauma lies The Root. A four-week healing journey for clearing religious toxicity.

Gain tools to get to the root of your beliefs. Discover how to set appropriate boundaries and how to stay safe in the face of toxicity. Explore alternative modalities for clearing toxicity and integrate those that speak to you into your daily practices.

Spend 4 weeks with me in a private facebook group. Receive guided instruction each week. Bounce thoughts and ideas off of others in the group. Interact with me live each week. Practice the modalities together. I’m there with you on your journey.

Take the first step. Say yes. For you. Begin to dig out the roots of toxicity so your own roots can flourish.

Start your journey for just $10 per week. When you fill out the form, you’ll receive an invoice for $40 for The Root program. Space is limited to maintain a personal connection in the group. The Root kicks off May 1!! Don’t miss your spot!!

Are you ready to heal? Ready to regain your power? Ready to shift your perceptions? You are incredible. Let’s do this. Together.