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My Kids Are Loud

loud kids

Growing up, I heard a lot about how kids should be seen and not heard. I didn’t get that from my parents. They encouraged us to be ourselves. It was ok if we got loud. We weren’t expected to always be quiet or anything like that.

Our worth lies in more than our salvation and the ability to “get others saved.” Those who may not be “saved” or who others may deem “unsaved” still have worth. Have gifts. My daughter likes to sing like Buddy the Elf. And that blesses others.

I was told recently that unless someone is saved and others agree that they are saved, then they cannot have a moral compass. That only “tried and true christians” have any sense of morality. I call horseshit on that.

Everyone has something to offer to humanity. Everyone.

Let’s shine as the amazing people we are! #humanityrising

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