Thank You, 2018

As I woke up New Year’s Eve morning, I lazily scrolled through Facebook. I happened upon my memories. I found a super cute video of my kids, so much smaller, doing their own ball drop. But I also found something else that caught my attention.

I started reading my past musings of the changing of the year. I noticed a shocking trend. Each year, I ended the year saying something to the effect of “Good Riddance! I can’t wait for the new year!”

I get it. I was ready for a new start each year. Some years were harder than others. In general, I wanted the pain from the last year to go away and the new year to be filled with amazing love and happiness.

But the reality is that there will always be pain. Each year will bring happiness and grief. The pain we experience causes growth.

I submit to you that I have been approaching each new year in a less-than-helpful way. I’ve started each year with a negative. Good riddance! I bet I’m not the only one who eagerly wished away the past year, focusing on the negatives.

Join me in a challenge.

I am challenging myself to thank the hard times. Thank those times for the experience and the lessons. For the growth. Thank 2018 for the rough times – for what they taught you and thank 2018 for the amazing gifts it gave. Honor it. And then move on.

2018 was full of incredibly difficult life changes. I got divorced and then un-divorced. I was forced to take a hard look at every aspect of life and relationships. 2018 taught me my strength. It helped me clarify my own values and helped me slow down. 2018 helped me grow in gratitude.

I wish I could have avoided the pain that came last year, but since I cannot wish it away, I can be grateful. I am thankful for the person 2018 has taught me to be. I wouldn’t want to be any different.

2018 – thank you. Thank you for your beauty. Thank you for your fun. And thank you for your trials. Thank you for challenging me to grow and be a better me. I send you off with love. 2019 – welcome. I welcome you warmly. May you be filled with love and prosperity. May we grow to the person able to weather your obstacles. Welcome.

I challenge you to intentionally and positively send off 2018 and welcome 2019. Start the year off with the best energy possible.

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One comment on “Thank You, 2018
  1. Mariah Peck says:

    Thank you for the lessons, thank you for the opportunities, thank you for the new faces, and thank you for the growth. –even on my tummy cause holiday treats are worth it 😉

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